Analysis on the Present Situation of Environmental Education in Middle School of China by Investigation to Teachers and Its Countermeasures

Hao CHANG, Ya-ping TIAN, Qiao-juan LI


By investigation to Teachers, combining the method of qualitative analysis with quantitative analysis´╝î authors analyzed the present situation of environmental education in middle school and its problems. The results show that, the cognitive status to environmental education of teachers is generally good, but the practice status of it is not satisfied, and there are differences in the practice of environmental education of teachers between schools and disciplines or teaching ages. The investigation shows further that the pressure of college entrance examination and the lack of curriculum setting are the main constraints affecting the implementation of environmental education of teachers, and teacher training is the key to break the bottleneck of environmental education practice. Therefore, The author makes the following Countermeasures suggestions: i) to emphasis on the train of environmental education and great an atmosphere of environmental education for all; ii) to strengthen the platform and mechanism construction for online environmental education teacher training; iii) to promote the interface of environmental education between university and middle school for strengthen the pre-service training of environmental education capabilities; iv) to combine environmental education with teaching reform by promoting open teaching research and practice.


Middle school, Teachers, Environmental education, Investigation


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