A Review on Domestic Studies on Western Rhetorical Criticism: After 1990s



Rhetorical criticism has a history of more than 100 years in the west, while it just started in domestic field in the 1990s. This paper aims to make a review of such fields as the introduction of rhetorical criticism theories, the contrastive analysis of Western and Chinese rhetorical criticism, and the application of rhetorical criticism in China. It has been shown that the relevant domestic research fields have made some considerable progress in those areas mentioned above but still has a long way to go in systematicity of rhetorical criticism research. It is suggested that a proactive integration with international research should be carried out on the basis of the original research in order to reconstruct the system of rhetorical criticism research and improve the national public diplomacy programs and images.


Rhetorical criticism; Western rhetorical criticism; Western rhetoric


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