Research on the Influence of Cluster Innovation on the Upgrading of Cluster Enterprises under the Background of “Internet +”—Take Zhejiang Pharmaceutical Chemicals Cluster for Example

Rong XIANG, Huan-huan LIU, Bi-jun LI


With the introduction of the “Internet +” action, the upgrading of traditional industrial clusters has ushered in new opportunities and challenges. The enhancement of the cluster enterprise's innovation advantage can promote the upgrading, and the innovation advantage can be reflected in the enhancement of the enterprise's learning ability. This paper conducted a questionnaire survey on Zhejiang pharmaceutical chemicals cluster. Under the background of “Internet +”, the empirical analysis found that knowledge transformation ability and knowledge application ability have a positive impact on the cluster enterprises' upgrading. The knowledge acquisition ability can only promote the product upgrading of the cluster, and it has no effect on the process upgrading. Organizational philosophy and team support have a positive regulatory role in the relationship between cluster innovation and cluster enterprises' upgrading, while supervisor support has no significant impact.


“Internet +”, Cluster innovation, Organizational learning, Cluster enterprises' upgrading, Organizational innovation atmosphere


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