On the Feasibility of Applying WeChat to China’s Independent College English Listening and Speaking Teaching

Jiawen Wang


This study aims at proving the feasibility of applying WeChat to China’s college English teaching and learning. The study shows that students in independent colleges receive inadequate training in English class, and lack autonomous learning ability after class. Therefore their listening and speaking skills are not satisfactory, but students generally believe that it is necessary to improve these two skills. WeChat is an instant messaging App which has a wide range of features. It is widely used by college students, many of whom are very eager to take participation in learning activities based on intelligent terminals. WeChat is suitable for teachers to extend the traditional classroom into after-class learning, to supervise the students, providing assistance, feedback, and evaluation to students work, so that to create a positive atmosphere of learning English. Therefore, it is a desirable platform to support teaching, and it is feasible to apply it to English listening and speaking teaching.


WeChat; English listening and speaking teaching; independent college


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