Initial Analysis on Strengthening the Guidance of Topic Selection for the Graduation Design of Science Subject

Mingjuan Zhao, Longzhi Zhao, Sanxiu Wu, Yong Hu, Jian Zhang, Dejia Liu, Yanchuan Tang, Mingxue Shen


Graduation design is an important teaching link at the stage of undergraduate education to cultivate engineering college students' practical ability, innovation ability and engineer quality. Taking the questionnaire result of the graduation design of university students as the main foundation, this paper analyzes the problems in the topic selection for the graduation design of science subject and advances some corresponding suggestions. The main principles of graduated project topic selection are as follows: the title should not only meet the requirement of graduation and specialty training goal, it also covers the main course and professional knowledge system; it better to improve the proportion of topic selection for design to meet the professional standards of engineering education certification and cultivate students' ability to analyze and solve complex problems; the topics should be full of original, prospective and challenging insights; the topics should accord with university students' specialization interest and reinforce their employing competition.


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