Analysis of Exhibition Evaluation Index Based on Stakeholder Perspective

Chun Lei


To establish a perfect exhibition evaluation system is of great significance to the sustainable development of the exhibition. According to the interests perspective of exhibitors and typical viewers in Shenzhen Tourism Exposition, It designed the indicators of the exhibition evaluation, aiming to build an operable framework for the exhibition evaluation. Using AHP to empower exhibition evaluation index obtains the key factors that exhibitors and viewers pay attention to from the scale index's net area, promotion, exhibition theme, venue area and utilization rate respectively. From the point of view of service indicators, the exhibition hall traffic convenience and the safety of the pavilion and the surrounding facilities are exhibitors focus on the audience, these indicators to build a Shenzhen tourism expo evaluation of key indicators, The relationship between these index factors and their mutual influence is the key link to build the brand of Shenzhen Tourism Exposition. According to the analysis results, this paper presents some exploratory inspirations for the group exhibitors of Shenzhen Tourism exhibition to improve the quality of the exhibition and to build the brand of the exhibition.


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