A Study on the Influence of Tourism Destination Selection Attributes and Destination Image on Tourists' Satisfaction and Revisiting Intention—Take Huangshan, China

Li Ouyang, Hui Fang


More countries are realizing the importance of tourism, resulting in a heated competition among the tourism destinations. As a result, tourism is more popular as one of the important factors of the modern lifestyle. Many researchers around the world have been studying on tourists’ selection process. What are the factors that lead to the selection of tourism destination and through which processes those are selected. This work conducted a survey targeting Chinese tourists who visited Huangshan Mountain. Multiple linear regression analysis was carried out in order to investigate the correlation among the factors---tourism destination selection attributes, destination image, satisfaction, and revisiting intention. Each hypothesis was verified based on these empirical testing and the summary is as follows: First, the distance, resource conservation and security have an impact on the degree of satisfaction. Among them, distance on the degree of satisfaction of tourists is the greatest, and the regional culture, locality, and shopping have no effect on the satisfaction degree. Second, the entertainment, culture and art, environment and ecology, and resort have an impact on the degree of tourists' satisfaction. Among them, entertainment resources have the greatest degree on tourists’ satisfaction, and on the contrary sports have no effect on the satisfaction degree. Third, satisfaction had positive influence on revisiting intention. The visitor will visit the travel place again depends on whether or not the tourism process is satisfied. Therefore, for the sustainable development of tourism, it is necessary to strive to meet the various needs of tourists in the tourism process in order to increase their satisfaction.


Tourism destination selection attributes, destination image, satisfaction, revisiting intention


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