An Analysis of Mistranslations in Financial English Texts and Its Countermeasures

Ke Chen, Rongwen Fang


With the rapid development of China’s financial industry, the massive translation demand has greatly stimulated the translation market, but it also has brought about the problem of various mistranslations in many texts. This paper mainly aims to analyze the problems of such errors. Financial English is featured by professionalism, academicness, accuracy, and writtenness, so errors cannot be avoided completely unless the translator has a highly comprehensive ability in languages, translation and expertise. In terms of problems of mistranslation in the financial texts, it is acceptable to analyze them from the following aspects: vocabulary, sentence, text and style. First, a significant feature of the financial English is the rich use of words and terminology in the text; second, many long sentences make the sentence structures more complicated; third, financial English pays particular attention to the accuracy and fidelity of content, so translators need to carefully analyze the conversion of sentences and paragraphs according to the context; finally, financial English is so unique and obvious in style that translators must try to make the translated texts readable and acceptable.


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