The Construction and Management of Experimental Teaching Platform Integrating Multidimensional Demands

Jingyun Han, Wei Song, Xiaoming Li, Fang Pu


According to the cross-discipline characteristics, this article discussed the construction and management modes of the comprehensive experimental teaching platform. A three-level organization of the teaching management center, discipline teams, and backbone teachers was established to apply the top-down overall planning and bottom-up review for the construction projects in a systematic and prospective way. Meanwhile, the experimental sources were optimally distributed among the disciplines. The experimental center carried out the whole process management of the construction projects, which shortened the construction period and curbed the phenomenon of idle equipment and repeat purchase. In addition, we improved the management system at all levels and introduced running models of online booking and self-helping. The flexible management system of the teaching platform had been developed and could significantly increase the use efficiency of the platform. Through the implementation of this program, an interdisciplinary and multi-level comprehensive experimental teaching platform for biomedical engineering has been preliminarily established, providing strong support for the cultivation of innovative talents.1


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