Research on the Application of Grief Counseling Model for Parents Who Lost Their Only Child

Feng Yu, Chiang-Hanisko Lenny, Jinping Li, Yijin Zheng, Guilin Yu


Objective: Exploring the mode of sadness counseling for parents who have lost their only child, and further understanding the significance of applying this grief counseling mode to them. Methods: A grief counseling group was set up to discuss the intervention model of grief counseling. Through phenomenologicalre search methods, 12 bereaved individuals who received grief counseling were interviewed in depth, and the data were analyzed by using Colaizzi7 seven-step analysis method. Results: Four themes of grief counseling model were set up, namely group theme, one psychological spring festival gala and three individual themes, including caring and protecting oneself, four life styles, and better tomorrow. Through the analysis of interview materials, it is found that the themes of grief counseling experience for those parents who have lost their only child are self-renewal (learning four ways with their child and rebuilding their lives) and the cultivation of family ties (opening their hearts and understanding their roles).Conclusion: we should pay attention to the grief response of the people who lost their only child and give them appropriate grief counseling, which can help the people who lost their only child rebuild their lives and also add benefits to the society.


Shidu family; Grief counseling; Interview


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