Under the Guidance of Constructivism Learning Theory of Marine Auxiliary Machinery Teaching Reform

Yang Guo, Jun Zhang, Bo Wang


The STCW78/95 convention amendment was adopted by the International Maritime Organization contracting state in the city of Manila in the Philippines, in June 2010, and came into force on January 1, 2012. A request was put forward on the development of the professional education program by adding a ship skill assessment. With this objective, the marine auxiliary machinery teaching team analyzed the present situation of marine auxiliary machinery teaching, summarized the teaching experience, clarified the existing problems in the teaching process, and based on the constructivism learning theory, put forward a teaching plan. Constructivism learning theory emphasizes the initiative, social, and emotional aspects of learning. This paper discusses how to construct the knowledge from the integrity knowledge system, set actual teaching situation, carry out the teaching practice and establish the evaluation system.


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