Software Engineering Professional Applied Talent Cultivation Mode Innovation Experimental Area Construction and Exploration

Junshan Li, Yiqiang Lai


The paper is based on the theoretical research and practical experience of the reform and innovation of the applied talents training model of the software engineering major in our college. First, It introduced the related research work of our college in the construction of an innovative experimental area for the applicationoriented personnel training model for software engineering. Then, introduced some of the practices of our college in the construction of an innovative experimental area for the application-oriented personnel training model of software engineering, including the enhancement of students' software design capabilities under the guidance of the theory through the tightly coupled curriculum of knowledge and ability, and the use of case teaching to make the curriculum Teaching has realized the transition to application-oriented, through the innovative practice and practical training teaching system to enhance students' software development capabilities. The preliminary teaching practice shows that our school has a series of practices in the construction of innovative pilot areas for the application of software engineering professionals, which is in line with the ability of software engineering professionals to apply talents. It is expected that the practice of our school will provide inspiration for the construction of innovative experimental areas for application-oriented personnel training of other relevant majors.


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