The Application of BIM Technology in Construction Project Cost Management

Kun-fa Lee, Hong-xia LIU, Jia-qi Lai


In recent years, the construction project cost science has been applied to BIM technology to raise the level ofproject management work. It not only effectively solves the problem of building project cost management, but also has a relative lack of improvement in the management process between management project investment costs and project prices. To achieve effective control of project cost methods and improve the construction project management system. The use of BIM technology to strengthen the construction project management, the control of construction project consumption as the main line of management, promote the development of project cost management, thereby increasing the use of construction materials and reduce waste, play a role in cost management, and promote the company's expected goal. This article analyzes the scientific application of BIM technology in construction project cost management and analyzes the construction project cost management to enhance the effectiveness of BIM technology in aspects of scientific application.


BIM, Project Management, Project Cost


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