Key Terms in Systemic Functional Linguistics: A Multi-functional Book

Wei-xia LUAN, Guo-qing LI


Researches in Systemic Functional Linguistics have been carried out in a quite wide range of domains since its development of around half a century, and consequently more and more books lead to the problem of selecting a “good” book. In spite of having published more than eight years, Key Terms in Systemic Functional Linguistics has not been introduced formally in China. This book adopts a form which is different from the traditional book form, organizing the key terms in Systemic Functional Linguistics alphabetically as a dictionary to introduce the key concepts in Systemic Functional Linguistics. But introducing the key concepts in Systemic Functional Linguistics is not the only purpose of this book. Other purposes also involve introducing the methodology of academic research, the systems in Systemic Functional Linguistics and the core books that are worthy of reading.


Key terms in systemic functional linguistics, Systemic functional linguistics, Multi-functional, System


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