The Interpretation and Translation of Li Yu’s “Seeking Pleasure First” from the Perspective of Cultural Context

Yan-qing SONG, Guo-qing LI


This paper analyzed and probed into the profound inner meaning of religious and geographical culture-loaded words by taking the preface of “Seeking Pleasure First”, a section in Li Yu’s Casual Expressions of Idle Feeling, as the data under the guidance of Halliday's cultural context and Hall's high and low cultural context theories through the combination of the traditional Chinese philosophical thoughts of Taoism and Confucianism. This paper also carried out a practical intralingual and interlingual translation of some selected culture-loaded words in order to explore and find out a new approach on how to better understand and translate Chinese classical texts with the help of the context of culture.


Seeking Pleasure First, Cultural Context, Culture-loaded Words


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