Construction and Implementation of COCOP Talents Training Mode in Applied Undergraduate Colleges

Xiang-ming DENG, Min CUI


The paper explained the concept and connotation of COCOP (COllaboration-COoperation-OPen, COCOP) talent training mode, analyzed the theoretical and practical significance of this mode in solving the structural imbalance of talent supply and demand, enhancing the core competitiveness and ability to sustain development of local applied undergraduate colleges, and expanding the theory of talent training mode; explored the basic elements of the COCOP talent training mode, and elaborated on six aspects of implementing this mode, including updating the values in education, formulating an open collaborative talent training program, improving the educational administration regulations, establishing an open collaborative faculty construction mechanism, set up a diversified collaborative teaching quality monitoring and evaluation mechanism, and vigorously promoting school-enterprise collaborative training, etc.


Talent training mode, Open, Collaboration, Cooperation


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