Determination of Carbamate Pesticide Residues in Agricultural Products by Fluorescence Spectrometry

Ke GAI, Si-yang WANG, Hui-li QI, Dong-ping MA, Yin-xia FENG


Base on the principle of fluorescence, a method for the analysis of carbamate pesticide residues in vegetables by fluorescence has been investigated. The optimum wavelength and the dose of the agents were optimized by a series of experimental design. Thus, 1 mL of HAc-NaAc buffer, 1 mL SDBS and 1 mL neutral red were the optimal test procedure used for the determination. And then the experiments showed that the regression equation of standard curve of the method was y=91.5242x-0.6143, with correlation coefficient R2=0.9970. This method was efficient for the simple, fast, and reliable to determination of the methmyl in vegetables.


Component, Optimal condition, Fluorescence method


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