Evaluation of Innovation Performance of Patent-Intensive Industries in Guangzhou

Jian-yun CAO, Jin-ping TIAN, Hong FANG


This paper focused on patent-intensive industries and revealed the contribution of patents to innovation and economic development from an industry perspective. The patent-intensive industries in Guangzhou are mainly concentrated in the manufacturing industry. The contribution of patent-intensive industries to Guangzhou's economic development and employment is lower than the average level of Guangdong Province in the same period. Although the innovation efficiency is increasing, it is still low. The reason is that the proportion of corporate patents in patent applications is too low compared to that of scientific research institutes and universities. However, the patents applied for by the latter are not driven by market demand, and thus the proportion of patent converted into industry is small. Therefore. It’s urgent for Guangzhou to accelerate the developing step of patent-intensive industries, expand its industrial scale, and at the same time adjust patent policies ensuring the patents applied for are driven by market demand.


Patent-intensive Industries; Innovation Performance; Invention Patent


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