Analysis of Factors Affecting Wet Distortion of Coarse Granules Based on Orthogonal Experiment

Hong-Liang Zhu, Xi-Chang Xu, Heng-Lin Xiao


The wet deformation characteristics of coarse aggregates are critical to engineering but have not been well resolved. Therefore, through the large-scale triaxial tests, the sensitivity of the main factors such as initial dry density, initial moisture content, confining pressure and stress level of the filler to the deformation of the wet deformation was analyzed in detail using the orthogonal test method. The results showed that: Among the factors, the primary and secondary factors affecting the axial strain test indexes of each factor are confining pressure> stress level> initial dry density> initial moisture content, and the obtained preliminary law of coarse-grain wet deformation can be coarse-grained roadbed. The design and filling scheme provide important basis.


coarse grained soil; wetting deformation; orthogonal experiment; triaxial test


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