Kinematic Analysis on the Final Exertion Motion of Elite Chinese Female Discus Throw Athletes

Yang Wang, Ji-he Zhou, Xiao-xiao Deng, Shan Zhong


This paper examines the final exertion of China’s top three female discus throw athletes in the discus throw of the Chinese National Track and Field event in 2016. This paper presents kinematic data recorded by a 3-dimensional film analysis and offers reference for coaches and athletes on how to improve the final exertion motion. The research indicates that: a) the hurl speed of elite Chinese female discus athletes is lower than that of their counterparts in the world; b) the hurl angle of both is similar; c) the hurl height of Chinese athletes is quite different from each other and d) the stretch angle of Chinese athletes when hurl is too little and does not reach the ideal angle.


women's discus, final exertion, kinematic analysis


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