How to Reduce the Impact of Team Process Conflicts on Commitment? An Empirical Study on Positive Emotional Perspective

Shi-Pan Yang, Xiao-Qiang Ma


There is a subtle link between the intensification of the conflict and the team identity. Process conflict is the most frequent in team cooperation, and plays an important role in determining task strategic cooperation and power and responsibility allocation. The exploration of team process conflict and team commitment has attracted the interest of some scholars. But the internal process of the two researches is still lacking. This paper will carry out an empirical study in the perspective of two positive emotions: Team Trust Perception and Team Emotional Intelligence. The results of this study show that: (1) team process conflict has a negative effect on team trust perception and team commitment. (2) Team trust perception plays a mediating role in the impact of team process conflict on team commitment. (3) Team emotional intelligence can regulate the negative impact of team process conflict on team trust perception.


team process conflict; team trust perception; team emotional intelligence; team commitment


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