How to Be an Excellent Vocational Education Teacher

Kai Xue, Wei-Da Liu, Shou-Chen Xu, Xiao-Juan Han, Xi-Lin Zhang


To improve the effect of vocational education (VE), this paper discusses how to be an excellent vocational education teacher (VET) from fifteen aspects: mastering the course content; fully preparing before class; strengthening students’ hands-on ability; having an international vision; being dedicated to VE; having a basic knowledge of educational psychology; mastering VE methodology; respecting students; speaking at a moderate speed and volume in class; speaking standard Chinese in class; being calm and confident; paying due attention to your own external image; having a sense of humor; adhering to professional ethics; giving priority to the encouragement-oriented teaching; helping students with learning difficulties; and interacting with students. Hi-tech knowledge intensive enterprises require their highly-educated employees to further improve their skills and technical ability as quickly as possible, which indicates the urgency and necessity of grasping the methods discussed in this paper.


teacher, vocational education (VE), on-the-job training


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