Application of ADDIE Model in Instructional Design of Structural Mechanics Course

Qin-Yan XING


ADDIE is one of the most widely used instructional design (ID) models in educational technology, which stands for five phases contained in the ID process, i.e. analyze, design, develop, implement, and evaluate. Based on the study of instructional technology, ADDIE model was applied into the instruction of Structural Mechanics, which is a core curriculum of civil engineering and hydraulic engineering. Taking the lesson “free vibration of multi-degree-of-freedom systems” as the illustrative sample, the five phases of ADDIE model were investigated and established. Both the instructional theory and the practical circumstance in the engineering education were presented in this paper. Superior learning outcomes have been achieved in the course designed with this ADDIE model, which is expected to give inspiration and reference to the engineering education.


Instructional Design (ID), ADDIE Model, Structural Mechanics, Dynamics


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