Service Process in an Alternative Education of Understanding Self—A Case of Chinese Numerology Consulting Center

Yueh-Hsuan LEE, Chih-Teng LEE, Chang-Hsien HSU, Li-Shiue GAU


The purpose of this study is to develop a blueprint of a service process that would work well to provide a good service quality, in the case of a Chinese numerology and astrology from I Ching and geomancy research and consulting center. A heuristic inquiry research design was adopted. The first two co-authors are masters of the four pillars eight characters technique, and apply their expertise in data collections and interpretations of the 8 interviews. Data analyses have shown seven steps within five categories to form the blueprint in the service process: Tangible exhibition, customer behavior, front desk service, back office service, and support system. The third step about the consulting talk is the most important part to build customers’ trust during the service. The fourth step about sales of the relevant products for a change in fortune is probably the major step to produce incomes. Three other features are seen in this service blueprint among the five categories: External interactions between employees and customers, visible service versus invisible service and internal interactions among employees. The blueprint will provide useful information for managers to provide employee trainings and improve service quality.


Numerology, Astrology, Blueprint, I Ching, Divination


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