Application of the Parametric Method to Broaden Automotive Engineering Education

Dong GUAN, Li JING, Hui SHEN, Jun-Jie GONG


Due to the major’s inherent property, theoretical, empirical and experimental models widely exist in different curriculums of Automotive Engineering, such as vehicle dynamics and automobile theory. In this paper, we utilize the parametric method to broaden automotive engineering education, especially for these different theoretical models. Climbing capacity model of both 4× 2 and 4× 4 drive automobiles are utilized as a teaching case, both the road adhesion coefficient and distance between front wheel and mass center are two parameterized variables. Normalized climbing capacity of the two kinds of automobiles are simulated and discussed based on our proposed parametric method. Results indicate that the proposed parametric method can help the student understand the physical models comprehensively and motivate their theoretical study. The methodology can also be widely utilized in automotive engineering education.


Parametric Method, Automotive Theory, Automobile Engineering


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