Experiment Design of Dynamic Paraffin Deposition and Evaluation of Water-Based Paraffin Remover

Dan XUE, Hang LUO, Gang CHEN, Rui-yan HAN


The simulation experiment of paraffin deposition in crude oil transportation was introduced by using the instrument of dynanic paraffin deposition. A new type of environmental friendly water-based paraffin remover was used for the implementation paraffin control in our experimental process. The project has certain exploratory and practical application, and it is helpful to understand the problems associated with paraffin deposition and removal of crude oil, and it is conducive to improve students’ comprehensive experimental skills and ability to analyze and solve practical problems. At the same time, the concept of environmental protection can also be cultivated by the use of water-based paraffin remover.


Paraffin deposition, Comprehensive experiment, Water-based paraffin remover, Paraffin resistance


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