The Practice of PDCA Project Management Model in Medical College Students’ Professional Quality

Gui-xiang TIAN, Jing-liang WU, Xiu-e SUN, Jian NIU


Professional quality is an important part of college students' core competitiveness. It is a long-term and systematic process to train the professional quality of college students. The students from Weifang Medical University were chosen for practice and evaluation of PDCA Project Management Model in College Students’ Professional Quality. The students were divided into control group and experimental group. The PDCA project management model was applied to the activity management of the experimental group students. The internship satisfaction survey was used to analyze the differences between the two groups of students. The results showed that the experimental group was generally better than the control group in professional quality, professional ethics and professional knowledge, but there was no significant difference. The students in the experimental group were significantly superior to the control group in skill operation, team cooperation, and thinking expression (t values were 4.336*.**, 2.231*, 4.013***). These results indicate that the PDCA project management model will help improve students’ professional quality.


PDCA, Medical College, students, Professional quality


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