Exploration on the Teaching Reform of the Course of Introduction to Rail Transit in Engineering Education

Hai-yan DONG, Hong-sheng ZHANG, Ting-rong ZHANG


According to the requirements for the talents cultivation in the engineering education certification of the area-application-oriented institutes, the paper analyses the deficiency of current teaching situation, proposes the teaching reform from teaching idea, teaching content, teaching methods and examining forms of the introduction to rail transit at School of Automation & Electrical Engineering in Lanzhou Jiao Tong University, furthermore, a class as a pilot teaching analyses the effect of teaching. The teaching reform, based on the close combination of teaching and learning with engineering practice, achieves comprehensive examination to the learning effect, reflects objectivity and impartiality of assessment methods, improves the ability of analyzing and exploring problems, promotes students' learning enthusiasm and confidence in learning professional knowledge, and lays the foundation for training innovative backbone in electrical engineering field.


Engineering education, Teaching reform, Diversified assessment, Teaching effect


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