Reflection and Promotion of Teaching Supervision in Colleges and Universities

Qiang YE, Ming-yue ZHENG, Ming-yi WANG, Yi-xuan HAN, Hong-wei WANG, Fei WANG


Background: teaching supervision constitutes an important part of the teaching quality assurance system in colleges and universities. Purpose: Taking Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine as an example, to explore the ways to reflect and promote the teaching supervision. Method: this article adopted the method of literature analysis combined with the main problems of supervisory work and existence discovered by the practice of the university over last three years. It focused on three aspects: the improvement of supervisory system, the optimization of supervision structure, and the transformation of supervisory philosophy and the improvement of supervising methods. Results: the university emphasized the working mechanism of teaching supervision "supervising as the prerequisite and guiding as the key". Thus, the supervisory content and the supervisory team structure were optimized by the improvement of the supervisory system. This system was the separation of "management" and "evaluation" at both the school and college levels. It improved the monitoring of teaching and operating system, the teaching level of teachers, and the quality of students. Conclusion: this article comprehensively and systematically puts forward a new mentality of supervision and reform based on the experience of the university.


Teaching supervision, Teaching supervision system, Supervision mechanism, Function of teaching supervision, Reflection of teaching supervision


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