The Construction and Implementation of the Special Feature for Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automatization Speciality in Zhengzhou University of Light Industry

Liang-wen WANG, Wen-bin HE, Guo-fu LUO,, Wen-liao DU, Fan-nian MENG


To build a specialty which has certain influence in the region and promote the engineering accreditation for the specialty, Mechanical design, manufacturing and automatization specialty of the Zhengzhou University of Light Industry (ZZULI) conducted the exploration and practice in orientation of cultivating talents model, curriculum system improvement and optimization, promoting the combination of school-enterprise, training student's practical ability, strengthening and improving teacher's engineering accomplishment and so on. By highlighting professional characteristics, strengthening specialty construction, and improving engineering accreditation, this specialty and its affiliation discipline possess the foundation and ability to become the characteristic and superiority of specialties and disciplines. The relevan


Specialty features, Engineering accreditation, Talent training model, Curriculum system, School enterprise combination model


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