On Exploration of University Supervisors in the Evaluation of Classroom Teaching Quality

Ye LI, Qing-hui DAI


Classroom teaching quality is directly related to the quality of personnel training. Evaluation of classroom teaching quality is an important part of the daily work of teaching supervisors. This paper summarizes the six years' work of a university supervisors group in the evaluation of classroom teaching quality. The university has constructed the evaluation system which includes the evaluation of three parties: the students, the experts of the department and the school supervisors. The supervisors group revised the evaluation index system: the original evaluation index system consisted of five sub-components: teaching attitude, teaching contents, teaching methods, teaching means and teaching effects. The evaluation results were divided into five levels. The new evaluation index system consists of one overall evaluation, three sub evaluations and evaluation reason, the classroom evaluation results are divided into four levels. The revision of the evaluation index system established the new teaching philosophy, made the evaluation standard more stringent, improved the evaluation process, simplified the evaluation project strengthened the requirements for classroom effectiveness, and clarified the direction of teachers' classroom teaching improvement. The evaluation of classroom teaching quality should do three “seeing”: seeing the teachers, seeing the process and seeing the students.


Classroom teaching quality, Evaluation, Teaching supervisors, Teaching philosophy, Evaluation index system


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