A Preliminary Analysis of the Application of Blockchain in Social Emergency Relief

Hong-wei JIA, Xiu-quan DENG


At present, the research on emergency management mechanism at both home and abroad emphasizes the integration of social forces, improving the ability of collaborative emergency response. Social emergency relief in emergency management plays a more important role. This puts forward higher requirements for it, especially in terms of transparency and credibility, efficiency and fairness, information sharing and coordination, it is still facing enormous challenges. The development of information technology provides more chances to deal with these challenges. Both domestic and foreign scholars researched building trust, emergency logistics system construction, information sharing and collaboration from different perspectives, but still not effectively and systematically enough to solve the above problems. In this regard, this paper carries on further exploration. It systematically studied the Blockchain technology through the analysis of its characteristics and application scenarios. The result proves that this distributed and completely transparent technology provides a new information sharing and trust mechanism. It can also effectively reduce system complexity and improve the operational efficiency. Furthermore, it has a high degree of autonomy. It really can provide new ideas and effective support for us to solve the above problems in social emergency relief.


Emergency relief, Blockchain, Trust, Emergency logistics, Information sharing


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