Intellectual Precision Poverty Alleviation Based on “Internet + Se-rich Animal Husbandry” in Enshi City in the Wuling Mountain Area

Zhi-guo SUN, Guang-zhong DAI, Hong LIU, Jun YANG, Ru-gang ZHONG


Priority poverty alleviation in the destitute areas, precise poverty alleviation, and rural revitalization strategy, are the three important new problems in rural poverty alleviation and the “three rural” work in recent years in China. “The world's selenium capital” Enshi city is located in the Wuling mountain area, which is one of the main battlefields of the rural poverty alleviation in China, which has the characteristics of Se-rich industry and animal husbandry. This paper describes the selenium resources, animal husbandry industry, animal husbandry resources, national poverty villages and so on in the city. From the perspectives of industrialization, informatization, intellectualization and development of intellectual animal husbandry and knowledge economy, this paper studies the development and utilization of the intellectual resources in the animal husbandry and the strategy of intellectual precision poverty alleviation based on “internet + Se-rich animal husbandry” in Enshi. A few suggestions are put forward under the rural revitalization strategy.


Intellectual precision poverty alleviation, Rural revitalization strategy, Industrialization, Informatization, Intellectualization


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