The Innovative Path of Training People in Higher Vocational Education

Shen ZHAO, Shabiev Salavat Galievich


Vocational education plays an important role in higher vocational education, which also played an active role in the economic and social development for a long time. The purpose of higher vocational colleges and technical colleges is to provide personnel training for local economic development, technological innovation and social services. With the rapid development of the knowledge economy, and the digital age, relevance of vocational education personnel training system has become scholars and researchers to discuss the hot issues. This paper follows the law of the development about education, learned from the successful experiences, combined with the actual development of China Higher Vocational Education, using fault tree analysis method, to explore the elements of its role in the Talent Training. To seek the effective, multi-path solutions of personnel training in higher vocational education.


Innovative training, Multi-path solution, Higher vocational education


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