Mahakala: The Transformation of Mahavairocana into Yunnan White National Local Lord’s Faith



Mahakala is the core of white national local Lord’s faith in Yunnan area. This paper took Yunnan white national Mahakala as its object of research, The author discussed the Jianchuan grottoes of Shizhongshan No. sixteenth shrines of Mahakala relief, and four arms Mahakala statue in Jianchuan cave No. Sixth of Hengduan Mountains of northwestern Yunnan, investigated the daily sacrificial ceremony of local Lord’s faith, and the two types of local lord’s temple rituals, and Yunnan white national Mahakala faith throughout history. The author also discussed the classic foundation of Mahakala faith, and and pointed out that Mahakala was the incarnation of Esoteric Buddhism’s fundamental Buddha Mahavairocana; with the Esoteric Buddhism spread into Cangshan Erhai area, as Mahavairochana incarnation, Mahakala God spread into Yunnan from India, and gradually evolved into the core of the local Lord’s faith.


Mahavairocana, Mahakala, White Nationality, Local Lord’s faith, Shiva


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