Master Xuyun’s Chan Buddhist Path of Kavyuha-samadhi



Kavyuha-samadhi was an important meditation practiced in master Xuyun’s life, no matter when and where he has been in a state of Kavyuha-samadhi meditation. This paper takes Kavyuha-samadhi as the angle of view, makes a study on Xunyun’s concepts of “prajna contemplation,” “mindfulness,” “seeing self-nature,” “examining the key word,” etc. The author believes that Xuyun’s path of Kavyuha-samadhi takes chanting Buddha as its examining the key word subject, takes suchness as its ontology, takes prajna contemplation as its method. The paper stresses that, according to Xunyun, in the process of meditation, practitioner cannot pursue quiet consciousness level; if one who produces clean thoughts in one’s mind, this is a delusion in itself; however, if one does not think about anything and pursue the realm of no ideas, it is bounded by the Dharma. Finally, the paper points out that the fundamental of Xuyun’s Kavyuha-samadhi is to see self-nature in Sentient beings’ own mind, Sentient beings must see within themself the true nature, this is only the way to achieve sudden-enlightenment.


Xuyun, Kavyuha-samadhi, Seeing self-nature (jianxing), Sunyata, Key word (huatou), Mindfulness


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