Influence of the Intervention of “What-if-not” Strategy on the Types of Questions Posed Under Different Contexts

Wen-hua YU, Ge-jin ZHU, Xiao-feng DU


In this paper, the context of posing mathematical problems can be divided into six types: free mathematical context, mathematical context of semi-structure, mathematical context of structure, free stimulative context, stimulative context of semi-structure and structure. However, the main focus of this research is on the influence of senior students’ posing question types in Grade one under the six contexts, which is caused by the intervention of the “what-if-not” strategy .The research is carried out from the following perspectives: the introduction of the six contexts and each one respectively and thoroughly, the comparison between the degree of different structures and the comparison between mathematical context and stimulative context. The research reveals that there is great difference among the types of questions posed under different contexts because of the intervention of “what-if-not” strategy, but in general the strategy helps to motivate the students to pose questions.


“What-if-not” strategy, Context, Types of posing questions


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