Research on the Iterative Introduction Model of Overseas High-level Scientific and Technological Innovation Talents

Ming-hai YANG, Zhi-wen SU, Hong-jun SUN


This study creatively constructs an iterative introduction model of overseas high-level scientific and technological innovation talents, which is called “PIIU circulation”. The model consists of four total iterations, which involves "the introduction of post measurement (P, Position-calculation), the introduction of talent identification (I, Identification), the introduction of talent (I, Introduction), the introduction of talent use (U, Usage); each cycle has its own sub iterations. The model can meet the needs of introducing continuously overseas high-level talents of science and technology innovation talents in a certain zone, and solve the problems in the introduction of overseas high-level technological innovation problems of China's region.


Overseas high-level scientific and technological innovation talents, Iterative introduction model, PIIU circulation


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