An Analysis of Materialism and Bandwagon Consumption Influencing on Subjective Well-being

Qi LEI, Li-yan WANG


Under the influence of the materialistic values, many people have regarded the wealth as the key factor to measure happiness, and have wanted to show their well-being through bandwagon consumption or conspicuous consumption. In order to explore the materialism and bandwagon consumption influencing on subjective well-being, based on college students as a sample, this article collected 438 effective questionnaires by questionnaire survey. Through exploratory factor analysis, related analysis and confirmatory factor analysis, the results show that materialism and bandwagon consumption have significantly negative influence on subjective well-being, during the materialism influencing on the subjective well-being, bandwagon consumption exists partial mediating effect. The research has enriched the study of subjective well-being, and will help us to think about how to desire for the happiness.


Materialism, Bandwagon consumption, Subjective well-being, Empirical analysis


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