The Dissemination of Chinese Dragon Culture and the Inheritance and Innovation of Dragon Dance in Colleges and Universities

Hua-ping SHANG


As a cultural heritage of the Chinese nation, the Chinese dragon culture has run through the long history of the Chinese nation for thousands of years, which is a symbol of the industrious, brave, progressive, enterprising determined and fighting spirit of the Chinese Nation. The dragon dance derived from the Chinese dragon culture does not haves a high artistic appreciation value, but also passed the national wisdom, promote the national spirit. Colleges and universities are the holy land for cultural education and heritage, enjoy a unique advantages in the development of Chinese dragon culture. With the development of dragon dance in colleges and universities, this study starts from the change of times, discusses how to retain the excellent gene of traditional Chinese dragon culture while enhance its realm, how to integrate modern sports and positive elements in the modern life at the same time of retaining the characteristics of folk sports. The purpose is to focus on the inheritance and innovation of the value of times to achieve endless inheritance and increasing prosperity of Chinese dragon dance culture.


Dragon dance sports, Chinese dragon culture, National Sport, Inheritance, Innovation


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