A Study on the Internet Public Opinion of Major Sports Event Game Abandoning-A Case Study of the Game Abandoning of China National Table Tennis Men's Team

She-hua CAO


As a new way of social existence, the network society has brought a lot of benefits to people's digital survival, but also poses new changes to the spread of emergencies on the network. On the great social concern caused by the pulling out of the Chinese national tennis team (hereinafter referred to as the national table tennis team incident), this paper explores the internal relationship between the network public opinion and social mentality on the incident from the perspective of psychology. Moreover, it deduces the paths produced and evolved in the network communication, and proposes targeted countermeasures and suggestions in three aspects, namely, social mentality, social mood and social behavior.


The Incident of National Table Tennis tEAM, The game abandoning, Social mentality, Group sentiment, Made explanation network public opinion


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