Digital Symbolization of Responsibility Matrix and the Applications

Zhi-liang FANG, Xian-ying WANG


The application of mathematical symbols and formulas in a certain discipline of the society always promote its development, which facilitate the mutual progress of the human beings. The common symbols used throughout the world include mathematical languages, musical symbols, English words etc. Actually, there exists another common conception in the society: responsibility which can have symbol language and logic expressions. Based on this, we carried out research and reached following conclusions: 1. The letter R (responsibility) plus eigenvalues of (-1,0, n,+1) was used to represent the high and low order (R(L,H)) of responsibility, and the basic units and total formula of responsibility were obtained. 2. The essential law behind the responsibility phenomena can be expressed using logic formulas.3. This set of responsibility symbol languages can be used in education, computer, artificial intelligence, robot etc.


Responsibility matrix, Responsibility subject, Responsibility object


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