Exploring the Chinese Import Policy on the Low-technology Manufactures of Garment, Textile and Footwear

Yu HONG, Shan-shan REN, Zheng-mei YIN, Xiao-wei MU


Using annual trade data from 1987 to 2016, this study focuses on the Chinese import trade patterns in garment, textile and footwear. We employ the indicators of net exports and revealed symmetric comparative advantage to generate H index to assess the divergence of the import policy. Our findings imply that 1) China has been comparative dis-advantageous in the imports of the low-technology garment, textile and footwear, and 2) the Chinese trade policy has been persistently restrictive towards the imports of the products. We document that the Chinese government may restrict the imports to improve the domestic employment.


China, Trade policy, Import restriction, Textile, Comparative advantage


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