Application of Electroencephalography in Sports Science Research-Taking Baduanjin as an Example

Lu-lu WEI, Lin ZHU, Shi-lin LONG


Objective: Qigong is a unique ancient method of health care and fitness in China. Baduanjin is a part of Qigong inherited from ancient China. It consists of eight sections. Because of its ancient and graceful body movements, it has become a favorite sport of the public. EEG recorded waves reflect the regular activity of the potential synaptic processes. In order to confirm the influence of Baduanjin on athletes' EEG, it is necessary to conduct long-term follow-up of the subjects for further study. In this paper, through literature search and analysis to explore the impact of Baduanjin on the physique and EEG of athletes, and to provide basis for studying the influence of Qigong on the physical and mental function of athletes. Method: Through consulting the Chinese academic journals, PubMed and other related to Qigong, exercise athletes and exercise related to the implementation of the EEG, Qigong training on the exercise of athletes under the influence of EEG and other related data were analyzed and sorted out. Identify the intrinsic link of research objects and thus draw conclusions. Result: (1) Compared with the quiet state, different forms of exercise, whether after professional training, the load intensity of the human brain have a certain impact on EEG.(2) There are only a few studies about motor EEG in terms of the number of articles published. Among them, there are only 5 articles in 2014 and about 2 articles a year before 2014. There is only one published volume per year since 2014, which shows that there is still a lack of research on the field of motor EEG. The vast majority of research institutions are universities, among them, Army Medical University issued a large number of papers, a few in the hospital; its research level involved is mostly engineering technology and Foundation and application basis. Its disciplines are mainly biomedical engineering, computer software and computer applications, etc .Most articles published in the university or biomedical journals. The research hotspot of motor EEG is not focused on "motor EEG", but analyzes the EEG through wavelet transform, feature extraction and so on from the perspective of brain-computer interface, including the crossover study of motor imagination. Conclusion: (1) Baduanjin exercises can not only improve the athletes' flexibility, sensitivity and muscle strength, but also relax the nervous nervous system and eliminate the nervous tension. (2) The research focuses mainly on the brain-computer interface and the movement imagination. However, the research on EEG in exercise is insufficiently concerned. One reason is that predecessors have proved that appearance and exercise have the same effect and motion imaging is easier. Second, The related researches of brain-computer interface are more mature


Baduanjin, EEG, Motion imaging


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