Analysis of "Internet +" College Students' Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition of Hainan Normal University

Chang-kuan ZHUANG, Ya-ping GUO, Xiu-lin LUO


This topic to the Hainan Normal University students as the research object, using the access method, literature material method, mathematical statistics method and a series of methods for naval architect's first "Internet +" college students' innovative undertaking competition were analyzed, and a series of related conclusions: The overall number of participants was small, and there were more men than women. Secondly, the number and project of the participating colleges and universities is the college of sports and information science and technology. Some majors even have zero phenomena. At the end of the year, the most senior students were seniors, at least the freshmen. The author of this paper to give Suggestions according to these conclusions: school related organizations and departments to encourage innovation and support entrepreneurial activity and actively develop and promote entrepreneurship education training activities.


Internet +, Innovation and entrepreneurship competition, Hainan Normal University


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