The Relationship between the Development of Cultural Trade and the Promotion of Cultural Soft Power

Dong TONG, Hong-Xia XIAO


Promoting cultural trade is an important way to show the cultural soft power of sovereign state and an important way to improve the competitiveness of the cultural industry in the sovereign state. The cultural trade reflects the cultural attraction, enhances the cultural cohesion, deepens the cultural penetration, and enhances the cultural assimilation. There are some problems in the cultural trade of our country, such as the scale of the cultural trade is too small, the construction of cultural trade platform is not perfect to weaken the cultural cohesion, the special cultural brands are few, the single mode of cultural trade weakened cultural assimilation force, the cultural trade geographical direction is too concentrated. We cannot ignore the role of cultural trade development on promoting the cultural soft power.


Culture trade, Cultural soft power, Cultural development


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