Reform and Practice of Electronic System Design Course Based on CDIO Educational Philosophy

Hao LIU, Hao MA, Qing-Chang MENG, Sha-Sha FAN, Zi-Heng DANG


With the advantages of the integration of the arts and technology of BIFT, this paper discussed how to Introduce CDIO engineering quality education model into electronic system design teaching and practice teaching system in order to promote the "problem-based learning, project-based learning, case-based learning" and other research learning methods. At the same time, pay attention to "engineering practice ability, engineering design ability and engineering innovation ability" of students. With the development of discipline competition and a variety of extracurricular scientific and technological activities, the mutual promotion between professional teaching and subject competition should be strengthened, so as to realize all-round training of students' theory, practice and engineering ability in the design of electronic systems.


Teaching research, Engineering ability, CDIO, Electronic system design


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