A Teaching Procedure about Accurate Nanofabrication in Practice Education to Graduate Students

Hai-Peng LI, Xian-Ying WANG, Shi-You ZHENG, Ding WANG, Lai-Qiang LI, Xiao-Hong CHEN, Hao SUN, Yun TANG, Deng-Guang YU


The suitable methods and procedures are very important for teaching the graduate students to learn how to begin their scientific researches. In this paper, a teaching procedure was suggested about how to conduct accurate nanofabrication using electrospinning for improving the practice capability of graduate students. This procedure is useful for them to grasp the advanced nanotechnologies and advanced nanomaterials, to culture scientific research interests, and to deeply learn the related theories and mechanisms through self-promotion. The suggested procedure exhibits an approach for effective conducting practice education (particularly about the practice teaching of advanced technologies) to graduate students.


Practice education, Nanofabrication, Teaching procedure, Electrospinning, Mathematical model


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