Effects of Social Commonweal Organizations in the City Brand Construction of Hangzhou, China—a Case Study of Ramunion in Zhejiang Province

Hang LI, Xiao-Yu SHAO, Xin-Zu LI, Fei-Ran LI, Jing FANG, Wei-Dong WANG


Based on the relation between social commonweal organizations and city brand, the Ramunion in Zhejiang province is taken as a typical case to analyze its positive role during the G20 Hangzhou Summit (2016). Based on the Chinese Traditional Dragon Boat Racing, the Ramunion brings the city culture of Hangzhou and Chinese civilization out of China to the world. The practice of the organization fully demonstrates that social commonweal organizations should and are able to play positive roles in moulding city brands. Therefore, it is necessary to further play the positive role of all kinds of social commonweal organizations in the city brand building of Hangzhou.


City brand, City culture, Ramunion, G20 Hangzhou Summit, Chinese traditional dragon boat racing


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