Impacts and Thinking of the Belt and Road Initiative on the Relation between China and Southeast Asia

Ai-Yang HAN


The "Belt and Road Initiative" is and will continue to be an overall strategy of China's all round opening-up for a long time into the future. The building of the "Belt and Road" has become a long term national strategy for China, which will have great impacts on the relation between China and Southeast Asia. This strategy is informative and far-reaching. The Belt and Road Initiative is national strategy initiated by China and Promoted by high-level administration. For China's modernization and standing in the world's leading position, it has far-reaching strategic significance. The strategy of the Belt and Road Initiative is in line with the common needs of the countries along the country, especially for China and Southeast Asian countries. This strategy opens up a new window of opportunity for the complementary and open development of the countries along the Belt and Silk Road.


The Belt and Road Initiative, Southeast Asia, National relation


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